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     Vincent Keith Minor Jr. was born and raised in Douglasville, Georgia but later moved to Alexandria, Virginia for job promotion.  While residing in Douglasville, he learned to love and serve God with all of his might.  He often felt like the biblical character David, often being set apart by all of the world’s societal differences.  Growing up he was this little skinny kid with a very high pitch voice, always begging to sing in his church choir. Vincent was saved at an early age and made a decision to worship God in everything he set his mind to accomplish. Over the years, he dedicated himself in seeking and fulfilling the call to worship on his life. He was a great example of a true worshiper.  There wasn’t anything he enjoyed doing more than worshipping and serving God.  Vincent believed that what you do the most, is often what you’ll become.  This falls in line with the scripture in Matthew 6:21 that simply states, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  Using that concept, Vincent felt that the only way to be a great worshiper was to live a lifestyle of worship. So he dedicated himself to encouraging the world to experience God like never before through the word of God, worship, and singing. 

     Vincent sang with multiple well-known gospel artists such as, Vashawn Mitchell, Bryon Cage, and Lowell Pye to name a few.  He continuously strengthened his gift by singing as an independent artist for churches, conferences, and events throughout the country.  Vincent always looked for the next opportunity to sing and allow others to experience God through himself and music.  Vincent had such a love for God, people, and music. So much love that he decided to attend Luther Rice University to learn more about the Person he loved the most.

     Vincent’s main focus was to serve, build, and restore the hope of people throughout the earth using words, service, and worship.

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